Month: April 2016

PepsiCo Taps Automated Analytics

PepsiCo has benefited from tapping automated analytics when developing brand messaging for some of its leading beverage lines. More specifically, he outlined how working with firms like ZappiStore...

/ April 21, 2016

Consumer Insight: The Power of Definition

Originally posted by Massimo A. Cealti on Linkedin “Insights” have been spreading like a meme, to a point which starts to puzzle me. Do we all mean the same thing when we talk about insights? Why are insights so trendy? Are...

/ April 15, 2016

How Research Lead Napoleon’s Army to Victory

  The year is 1795 and as the armies of revolutionary France tore up the map of Europe to build an empire, Napoleon and his generals desperately needed a solution for a problem that would lead to the enduring saying: “an...

/ April 4, 2016