IIeX Amsterdam 2017: The future rocks!

At IIeX EU 2017, hundreds of eager researchers descended upon the vibrant city of Amsterdam to hear about the latest learnings and innovations in market research. What was once considered futuristic technology just a few years ago had since evolved...

/ February 23, 2017

Hackathon experience with M/A/R/C® & ZappiStore: Concept testing with innovation, rigor & speed

Born out of a week-long hackathon in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas, M/A/R/C® Rapid Results is not only one of ZappiStore’s most advanced concept testing tools on offer, but, importantly, a case study in effective cross-functional agile development.

/ February 17, 2017

120 hours in scrum heaven: Hacking new products with Kantar TNS

Every few months, a team of Zappi developers get a free pass from business as usual to unleash their talents in long nights of coding . The sole objective is building a working product and driving as much of a...

/ February 16, 2017

Millennials move over! Generation Z is setting the tone for marketing today :-)

We are living in a time of transformative change. Gen Z – born with technology at their fingertips – is now approaching adulthood. With their lives shaped by the digital age, brands who target such demographics often struggle to relate...

/ February 14, 2017

LIVE testing Super Bowl ads: automation scales & focuses market research

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl,the biggest sports event in the US, and the most expensive advertising space on TV at a global level. This year, the cost of a 30-second ad for the Super Bowl mounted up to $5 million,...

/ February 9, 2017