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Video Feedback: How VoxPopMe’s ‘Human Factor’ Helps Reinforce The Decision-Making Process

Do you ever feel as if the respondents to market research surveys are faceless non-entities? You can’t picture them, you can’t imagine identifying with them, and by the time you know what they think, they’ve long since become ones and...

/ May 3, 2018

Commspoint Express is here!

  Building better communications strategies with Commspoint Express Your brand is facing an increasingly complex consumer landscape. The fragmentation of traditional media and growth of digital technologies means there are now more contact points than ever before. Finding the right...

/ December 2, 2015

LinkNow for Digital: Millward Brown copy-testing solution for digital advertising

UK Brand and media comms research consultancy Millward Brown has released LinkNow for Digital, a copy-testing solution for digital advertising. The company said the fast-turnaround tool determines the performance of online video, display, Facebook and mobile creative in less than...

/ February 24, 2015

LinkNow for TV: new Millward Brown’s Copy Testing on Zappistore

LinkNow for TV allows brands to assess ad effectiveness in a short space of time.

/ January 22, 2015

MMR adds Impackt pack test to ZappiStore

UK — ZappiStore has added another research app to its line-up, through a partnership with MMR Research Worldwide.

/ April 23, 2014

MB Rolls Out DIY Copy-Testing Solution

Millward Brown is releasing a DIY version of eStatic, its copy-testing solution for print and outdoor advertising, available via market research ‘app store’ ZappiStore.

/ February 25, 2014

TNS and ZappiStore launch app to help companies identify growth opportunities and build brand equity

London: 17 October, 2013 – Global research consultancy TNS, has today launched an ‘express’ version of its flagship ConversionModel brand equity tool. ConversionModel Express allows businesses to calculate in a matter of hours exactly where they could steal market share...

/ October 17, 2013

Launch of DIY Survey Platform ZappiStore

MESH Planning Partner Stephen Phillips has launched a new online DIY market research platform called ZappiStore, initially available in the UK, US and Australia.

/ April 11, 2013