Building better communications strategies with Commspoint Express

Your brand is facing an increasingly complex consumer landscape. The fragmentation of traditional media and growth of digital technologies means there are now more contact points than ever before. Finding the right communications strategies for your brand can therefore seem like an uphill battle in an ever-evolving marketing environment.

This is where Commspoint Express can help. The tool is specifically designed to enhance communications and brand strategy planning by giving you proprietary market research data in hours rather than weeks.


What is Commspoint Express?

Real-world consumer perspectives are essential for brand owners making important communications decisions. Commspoint Express puts the consumer in the room by providing the fresh respondent-level data you need to drive brand strategy workshops and safely commit to future budget allocation plans.

Commspoint Express enables you to see which media and communication contact points are most effective for your brand and category. The service delivers fast, flexible and focused insights through tailored surveys, with a choice from nearly 200 product categories.

Capturing the consumer experience of all a brand’s communications channels in a single piece of research, Commspoint Express covers 40 category-specific paid, owned and earned channels. The platform provides bespoke reports to help fuel crucial decision-making regarding the best contact points to use.


How does it work?

ZappiStore has teamed up with Pointlogic to automate the process and make Commspoint Express as quick, cost-effective and user-friendly as possible.

Simply choose your category and up to five communications tasks, such as a brand’s ability to create a connection or its power to drive awareness.

Within a day or so, Commspoint Express delivers information and key statistics of how you or your competitors’ brands perform across the chosen tasks for 40 pre-identified contact points.


For more information on the new tool, as well as on reporting, visit our product page, or get in touch with our team here.



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